Home projects update for Ukraine

These are the two projects that YWAM is involved with, in providing temporary housing for Ukrainian villagers in the liberated areas.

Report from “Homes of Hope”

We picked up a need for homes with the challenge of 100 homes and we are very close. We have 50 homes up. October 1st is another wave when we plan to build 30 more. And then by the end of October, we plan to finish all 100. Over this time period, we will have around 150-200 volunteers join us. Last time we had 10 different nations come to help.

The team on the ground is doing well, but they are tired and I can see weary spirits too. As we were working around the area, we all were very emotional, seeing people that lost everything, and a lot of them lost loved ones. We are praying now as to what God sees us doing. What mission He has for us. Thank you again for all your care and help!!!

Report from “My Home Project”

Thank you for your prayers, love and care for all of us who are in Ukraine. We are putting our 30th home up today from My Home Project in one of the villages bombed recently and we are made to order for another 10 homes. We raised money for a total of 100 homes and have some promises for another 200 homes. (I really pray that those promises will come into reality).

Also we have another project of transforming a school into a long-term living facility for 60 refugees. We are partnering with the local government in this project.

We continue to do food packages distribution and in two weeks we will start delivery of portable wooden stoves for heating into the Eastern side of Ukraine. Please pray for the strength of people who are involved in these projects. The need is big and, in many ways, very overwhelming. But we believe that God will help us to go through this challenging time.

These are the two different kinds of homes being built by the two different projects.

We ask for continual prayer for the projects. For financial provision and strength for the teams to complete their goals. Thank you!

The situation in Russia today is quite dire, as many thousands have gone to the streets to protest. Every one-way ticket out of the country is sold and the borders into countries like Finland are backed up for hours. This is due to the announcement by Putin for a call up of reservists. Many are worried about the possibility of a full-scale mobilization. Pray for the people of Russia, for the many who long for peace.

Thank you for your prayers,

Al Akimoff and the Slavic Ministries Team

Donations can be made via www.ywamslavicministries.org 100% of the funds will go to the needs in Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees at YWAM locations in surrounding nations.