Warm for Winter project Ukraine update – August 16

The great adventure has begun! Today we brought in materials for 50 foundations! Just a few more days and we will have 65 volunteers coming together in a wave of bringing Hope to the people of Kyiv region.
We ask for prayer that the construction of the temporary homes will go smoothly.

There are several initiatives working together with this project. The Homes of Hope project is a joint effort with Homes of Hope San Diego, Homes of Hope Romania and YWAM Kyiv. Another initiative is a coalition of churches and ministries together with some staff from YWAM Ternopil.

The Homes of Hope initiative is working with volunteers coming to put together panels to make up a precut shelter. This has some benefits as they can modify them for the needs they encounter, even for bigger families. The other initiative is having Tiny Homes that are being built by a Ukrainian company and then delivered to the spot. They are a bit smaller and less expensive but have fewer possibilities for modification. Both of these initiatives and others that may come along are all working toward to same goal of providing shelter for those who lost their homes and need their shelter before this winter. These initiatives are working in different villages.

Funding for this overall project is coming from a number of sources and through a number of different channels. A number of people are raising funds for this like the “Lada Story.” All of the funds that are given for this shelter project will go to this project, including those who are giving through YWAM Slavic Ministries.

We encourage people to recruit teams of volunteers or givers. A family, a church, a YWAM base or a group of fellow workers at a company can come together to sponsor a house.

Ukrainians are also joining in the effort to provide volunteers and the city councils of some of these villages have offered to house and feed the volunteers that are coming.

For information on sending teams or participating as volunteers you can contact: teams@ywamkyiv.org

Please Pray for these volunteers that are coming these next weeks This is an exciting outreach with teams coming from the U.S. Europe and even Austrailia.
Pray for their safety, for their travels and provision. Pray for the materials and tools that are needed. Pray that the funding will continue.

Al Akimoff and the Slavic Ministries Team

The materials are arriving!
The Panel model and the tiny home model…