Today we say goodbye to our many families and campers as we conclude a wonderful week of fun, fellowship and God. Yesterday we went out to beautiful town on the Wisla River. In the afternoon people cut out little cards in the shape of hearts that said God Loves You. They tied these around water bottles and popsicles with ribbons and our Ukrainian orphans handed them out to the many people taking walks along the river. They explained to the surprised recipients that this was a thank you to the Polish people for taking in Ukrainian refugees. What a wonderful week in this camp and many more like it.

We awoke to news that Odessa was once again bombed. This time a recreational area where over twenty people were killed. Indiscriminate bombing continues all across the country producing anxiety and fear. Pray for these people who must live with this daily.

Snake Island, made famous in the first few days of the war was liberated by Ukraine. This was an important victory as it helps to regain some control access to the Black Sea. With this came a Russian concession to allow ships to pick up wheat and other grains stored and ready to be shipped especially to countries in Aftica, this was an answer to prayer and please pray that this will continue so that this grain can get to the truly hungry of the world.

Pray for the many lives that have been and are being touched at the many camps spread throughout Ukraine, Poland, Romania and elsewhere. Pray that these many Ukrainian orphans and refugees would experience healing as well as strength to persevere in the many hardships that face them.

Al Akimoff and the Slavic Ministries Team