Many of you have stood fervent in prayer for the release of grain from Ukraine. Here is one report of the release of grain.

Three more ships leave Ukraine with grain to feed world

Three more ships have left Ukrainian ports under the Istanbul grain export deal. Shipments from Ukrainian ports are continuing. “Three more ships loaded with grain departed from Ukrainian ports this morning.”

44 ships has been sent to 15 nations. A further 70 applications for ships to be loaded had been received. The goal is to export three million tonnes a month.

Let’s continue to pray for more shipments of grain to be sent to nations that desperately need it. I believe that God is answering the cry of the hungry in nations longing to be fed.

Thank you also for the prayers for the Homes of Hope/Homes for Winter project that has brought over 90 workers from 9 countries to the Kyiv area these last few days. Already 13 structures have been built in the last few days.

It’s not only these temporary homes that are going up but hope that is coming to these villages. The city councils, the villagers that are housing and feeding these teams are super excited about what is happening, the hope and joy that this is bringing to these villages is life changing.

Watch this video of one of the first homes that went uup.

Thank you for your prayers, let’s give thanks for what God is doing.

Al Akimoff and the Slavic Ministries Team