It is not always war. (Yulia)

For the last 26 days we laughed and cried, we celebrated, we bought flowers few times, we met new people and become friends, we collected some more amazing stories to share, we saw God and we keep seeing him in every moment.

We are grateful!

Today Kyiv was empty, only soldiers and police outside, doing what they can do best, defending out country.

Tomorrow we are allowed to go out again and today we prepared everything we need to go to the city first thing in the morning.

Even though we couldn’t go out today God made a way for us to reach out to people.

31 rescued people from Chernigov staying with us today were able to join special worship/sharing time organized by our amazing staff.
We were so surprised that almost all of them came and spend more than an hour praying and worshiping together even though they are non believers.
In such times our spirit knows where to find true comfort. God is never tired to meet us today.
Day 27

From Our ywam family in Lutsk,

Hello family and friends, early this morning we took in 59 refugees.

The day before we took in one woman and her son. Six days into the war they decided to get away from their city. They were driving down a road and they saw the Russian army about 3 or 4 hundred yards ahead of them. The Russians shot and killed the father of the family in the car. Terrified the wife and son crawled out of the car into an old village hut near the road were they hid for two days with her husband’s body lying on the ground next to the car before they could bury him. This is one story out of many, many, that are similar. My wife Valya spent time talking to her and the son looking at photos of her husband, there were tears and praying together with them.

Our drivers Roma and Slavic led 22 cars to safety in back roads, praise God all the cars traveled the highways and back roads with little damage.

There are broken shocks and other small repairs to make that are important for safe travels.

These are the experiences of war, let’s keep praying for an end to it. Pray for our young men and women risking their lives driving for hours each day with food and people.

Pray for the many who are gathering on the borders to serve the millions of refugees.

Al Akimoff and the Slavic Ministries Team