A note from Al:

These past couple of days things have seemed quiet. There are other news items that have seemed to put Ukraine off the breaking news section. Indeed, there was a bit of relief as a corridor was opened from Mariupol to let some people out at the expense of a declaration that the city was now under Russian control. But the war is still raging.
Here are some thoughts from Ukraine.

“Did you know that a strong wind sometimes sounds like a fighter jet? I never thought about it until now, when every gust makes you hold your breath and listen.
Today, we were talking with Ivan about how our perception of war changed over the past 31 days. We still care, we are still appalled by what’s going on yet we’re getting used to it. The reports of new missile hits no longer cause panic but rather a quick evaluation of whether any of our loved ones are in immediate danger and a prayer for God’s protection over those who are.

My friend messaged me this evening with the traditional question, “How are you?” My response surprised me, “Praise God, nothing has changed”. Could it be a proper response to God’s command, “Be still, and know that I am God” (Ps 46:10‭)?‬‬‬

Please, keep praying for Ukraine. Our army is doing the impossible because God is with us. Today, they shot down at least 5 missile rockets fired at Ukraine (but a few did hit and caused destruction in western Ukraine). Our army has successfully liberated a few towns in Sumy region. On several locations, the enemy army retreats towards the national border.
Today’s picture shows a performance “Stop promising, start acting!” that took place in Warsaw. Thousands of people lied down on the ground to represent thousands of people who have died in Ukraine.

Without the reminder of breaking news, let us be reminded by the Holy Spirit to pray, to pray without ceasing.

Pray for those feeding thousands, rescuing and finding homes for countless women and children in dozens of locations.


Al Akimoff and the Slavic Ministries Team