What does evangelism look like in war?

Pastors in Ukraine report that hundreds of people are becoming believers during this time, seeking prayer and finding God.

Many of our YWAM centers report that they try to live life as normal even with the crowded rooms and hall ways with Ukrainian refugees. As they continue to have their worship and prayer times, the refugees join in with open hearts and receive healing through the worship. Many words are not needed during this time as hugs and tears become the common language.

A young man carrying a cross around the world arrived at the Ukrainian border, here is his testimony:

Thanks so much for praying for me! With God’s help, after nearly 4 hours at the border, I made it into Ukraine! I had an amazing time sharing Jesus as I passed through the border! Refugees, relief workers, and international reporters pressed in around the cross! Even the border guards and officials wanted to touch the cross and have me share, then pray for them. It was amazing to see as so many of the refugees wanted to share their stories; not even caring whether I spoke or understood Ukrainian, or not. They just saw the cross and knew that it was a safe place where they could come and share. Many, many wanted prayer. So many just wanted me to lay my hands on them and bless them. Others simply wanted a hug. How beautiful to watch Jesus as He touched people’s lives.
Thanks again for praying!
God bless you!

Pray that Jesus will be lifted up through the thousands of bottles of water that are given out in His name. That all the acts of kindness that are delivered through bags and boxes of food would translate into the gospel message. That rooms and beds that are given up for these women and children will be filled with the presence of Jesus. That all our workers will be led by the Holy Spirit to bring healing and the message of God’s love to all they minister to.

Anya – Prayer request:
This week and next week there are a lot of negotiations planned. Negotiations for peace.
Please pray for world leaders, pray for Ukrainian leaders, pray for Russian leaders.
We want peace, we want justice, we want to End the War, but end it for good not just for a short time.
It is definitely the time for the WORD to step into action. Pray for wisdom, for protection, for courage, for perseverance. Pray against lies, manipulation, deceit, greed, fear.
Pray that God’s Word will be in Full Action!

Al Akimoff and the Slavic Ministries Team

Keith Wheeler in Ukraine