Report from Y Ukraine – May 17
“Team is well. Tomorrow they are going to Zaporizhsha. We are bringing supplies and ministry to the people still there.
Please pray for the Kharkiv team. They are in some really dangerous condition. There is the noise of bombing in the background. They are evacuating a lot. Every morning they wake up to new distractions in the villages.
Appreciate your prayers for safety and wisdom on the teams. Thank you.

The need for food continues for the people of Ukraine. Here is what we are doing to meet the need:
“This used to be where Y Ukraine location held their meetings but has now been turned into a warehouse for supplies. Every day this warehouse fills up and empties and then fills up again. What comes in goes out immediately to meet the needs of the people in and around Kyiv. Sometimes the supplies are taken to the front lines in the east as well.”
Please pray for continued finances and food to be available for the needs of the suffering Ukrainians.

Japhin is from India and is one of our staff members who felt the Lord led him and his wife Marie from Germany to stay in Ukraine once the war began. “This is how we make bags which we send out to the villages.
– On average, a bag takes a little over a minute.
– A bag feeds a family for more than a week.
– We always try to hand over the bags in person because, at the end of the day, what we give is more than just-food. We believe Hope, faith, and love are more important than a meal. Thank you for giving and making all this happen.”

The teams are going deeper into the liberated areas and are finding more and more desperate needs. Please pray for safety for them, there are land mines, unexploded bombs and bombs that are still being fired at surrounding areas to Kyiv and other cities.

Al Akimoff and the Slavic Ministries Team